After Star Wars Episode IX comes out during the 2019 holiday season, the arc that began with the original 1977 film (or, for the picky, Phantom Menace) will come to a definitive end. That means whatever comes afterward will start a whole new story in a whole new section of the universe. The possibilities are endless and exciting — and potentially nerve-wracking given how much is riding on it.

Disney gave the keys to this new kingdom to Rian Johnson, which is fitting given how mercilessly his Episode XIII smashed up longstanding tropes (to my glee, bot others’ misery). It’s my hope we get something truly original and refreshing from him, something that brings back the exhilarating feel of the OT when it was new.

But we may get it sooner than anyone thought. The Israeli website From The Grapevine published an interview with Johnson’s business partner Ram Bergman, who revealed Disney is fast-tracking the project. It could be finished and in theaters as early as 2020 — one year after Episode IX!

First Birgman said what we already know. “It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create.” Then he followed that up with “Maybe in two years; it’s just in the early stages.” Going from early stages to a finished product in two years? That would be….exactly the time between Episodes XIII and IX. It’s fully doable.

But if it takes until 2021 to make the new trilogy perfect (after all, a lot is riding on this), we’re fine with that too.

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