There are two things you need to know: one, Frankie Muniz is starring in an upcoming psychological horror film directed by Brian Hanson called The Black String. Two, Frankie Muniz is alive.

Muniz plays Jonathan, a lonely man in his twenties and down on his luck. He works the graveyard shift at a convenience store for a living, but after a strange encounter with a mysterious woman, he starts to have strange and frightening visions that give him an excuse to call in sick. Did the woman cast a curse on him? Will tracking her down lift it? He doesn’t really have a choice. In the meantime everyone is looking at him like he’s nuts.

The Black String is made for anybody who has felt lonely, isolated, stuck in a dead-end situation and desperate for companionship,” says director Hanson. “This movie is also made for genre fans who love Lovecraftian themes, body horror, paranoia and a dose of trans-dimensional witchcraft. Like two sides of a coin, this film flips between two possibilities, is Jonathan suffering from mental illness or is he the hapless victim of an evil occult conspiracy?”

Decide for yourself when The Black String becomes available on DVD and VOD platforms September 24. Life is unfaiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr….

Jonathan is a lonely twenty-something, stuck in his home town working night shifts at the local convenience store. When an unexpected encounter with a mysterious woman turns his life upside down, Jonathan is stricken by illness and nightmarish visions. Paranoid and desperate, he launches on a quest across the suburbs to find the seductress who started it all. Friends and family believe he’s losing his mind, but Jonathan is convinced he’s the target of something far more sinister.

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