1091 Films and The Hunting Party have announced the VOD premiere of writer/director G. Patrick Condon’s wonderfully titled movie Incredible Violence, which he claims is “quasi-autobiographical.”

Let’s hope not, because he named the film’s principal villain after himself. The film version of Condon is a down-on-his-luck, hack director who is deeply in debt to loan sharks. He swears his next movie will make enough money to pay them off, but he’s working with a very limited budget here. There are a lot of gory murders in the script, but ketchup costs $1.75 and there’s just no room in the budget. He’ll simply have to ACTUALLY kill everyone on set!

Into this mess steps Grace, an aspiring actress who has “final girl” written all over her. She and the other cast members have to live in the house they’re filming the movie in, and aren’t allowed to leave. In addition there are cameras everywhere…is this part of the movie or not? When Grace finds out how real everything REALLY is, she’s in for a bigger struggle than anything she’s faced in Hollywood.

Incredible Violence premiered at the Sitges Film Festival and went on to screen at the Dead by Dawn Film Festival, FIN: Atlantic Film Festival, Nickel Independent Film Festival and the Full Moon Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. Having run out of festivals, it now arrives on VOD.

Stephen Oates (Netflix’s “Frontier”) steps into the role of “G. Patrick Condon”, a desperate filmmaker who brings a whole new meaning to the expression “making sacrifices for the love of art” to avoid a pair of cement shoes. To quickly repair angry loan shoaks, Condon assembles a group of struggling actors to shoot a low budget horror film. And to keep the effects budget down, he decides to murder the cast.