There are many things about the current state of the world to be miserable about, but for once, fate is favoring the forces of good: GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY IS MAKING COOL CARTOONS AGAIN!

As one of the greatest living animation directors, Tartakovsky has an incredible sense for timing and action direction. He shined in Samurai Jack, the brief Star Wars Clone Wars shorts, and the even briefer Sym-Bionic Titan, cancelled at one season. The action cartoon market was dying for children, and after CN didn’t have use for him anymore, Tartakovsky had to settle for directing Sander movies about vampires.

BUT THEN! The great Genndy found a hole in his schedule and suggested to Adult Swim that they fill it with the abandoned fifth season of Samurai Jack. They did so, and the return season was such a success….we’re getting another series from him!

Primal is the name of a prehistoric series where a caveman and a dinosaur team up to battle nature and survive (yeah, it’s not historically correct, but when it’s this cool, why care?) There will be no dialogue in Primal, since no one can really speak anyway. It’s nothing but patented Tartakovsky action, with no filler. This is going to be amazing.

And from the sounds of it, we’re getting the first five episodes in a row! A “five-night premiere event” for Primal stars Monday, October 7 on Adult Swim (one day after the return of Mr. Robot…great time for cable TV).

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