It’s been a long loooong time since we last saw baggy-eyed Rami Malek in the role that made him famous. You would be forgiven for assuming USA’s Mr. Robot had been cancelled already. The show has not aired a new episode since 2017, despite creator Sam Esmail promising a fourth and final season at the time. He PROMISED!

We’re not sure what the delay was about, but it’s over now. We at last have confirmation that Mr. Robot Season Four begins airing soon (this October, in fact). Back to work!

It’s been so long since Season 3 that you’ve more than likely forgotten a few things that happened on the show. If you’ve never seen ANY episode of Mr. Robot, you might want to skip the next few paragraphs because this is a series best experienced cold, especially the first season.

Elliot Alderson is a brilliant but mentally unhinged computer hacker who joins the underground organization FSociety to take down the monopolistic conglomerate ECorp. The gang of rebels is led by a bold-talking man wearing a hat with the words “MR. ROBOT” on it. Since we’re seeing all this from Elliot’s warped perspective, we don’t know “Mr. Robot” is actually his father — or rather, Mr. Robot is Elliot’s second personality that takes the FORM of his father.

Two seasons later, Elliot’s actions as Mr. Robot have plunged the world into an economic depression and set the stage for a rival hacker group from China, the Dark Army, to take over. The two versions of Elliot are frenemies at the best of times, but can they learn to work together to stop this threat?

Mr. Robot returns to USA Sunday, October 6 at 10 PM.

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