When Apple Arcade launched last week, one of the games featured was a quirky mystery named Tangle Tower. Fortunately, you won’t need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it (and also, you will have the ability to buy it once and own it forever, what a concept). Tangle Tower will make its Switch and PC debuts early next month.

A murder has occurred in the titular tower…but the prime suspect is — a painting?? Well, the figure is standing directly over the body, she looks suspicious enough, and she’s holding a bloody knife…hey, who else could it be?

It’s up to a pair of investigators to dig up the truth behind what really happened here. Interrogate the Tower’s crazy residents, inspect each area for clues, and solve puzzles to get to the bottom of this one.

• A fully voiced and animated cast of characters
• Atmospheric original orchestral soundtrack
• Beautiful digitally painted environments to explore

Tangle Tower was brought into existence by SFB Games, a British indie game studio founded by brothers Tom and Adam Vian. They were the ones behind the Nintendo Switch launch title Snipperclips, and they’ve also created other mystery titles like Detective Grimoire and Haunt the House, with the help of artist and illustrator Catherine Unger (who again provides her talents here).

You can explore Tangle Tower yourself when the game launches on Nintendo Switch and PC October 10. The game will cost $19.99.