It was inevitable that John Wick would get a video game…the only mystery is why it took this long. Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer Bithell Games (Volume, Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular) have teamed up to bring the movies’ world to life in John Wick Hex.

Bithell calls it an action-oriented timeline strategy game. Wick has a limited amount of time and finite ammo to pull off his latest job, and every decision you make as the assassin has consequences that change the strategy. The game uses an original storyline with Ian McShane and Lance Reddick reprising their roles from the movies, and the prolific Troy Baker is also on the staff roll, voicing Hex, the mysterious villain at the center of the game’s plot.

Visually, John Wick Hex looks amazing, utilizing a cel-shaded rendering style accented with bright neon. Dramatic fixed angles show you the situation in each room and give you complete information to make strategical decisions. More information is soon to come, with a panel devoted to John Wick Hex scheduled for New York Comic-Con. Game creator Mike Bithell and a few special guests will be in attendance.

That panel will take place on October 5. Mere days later, John Wick Hex will be out for PC and Mac on October 8, at a price of $19.99. AND (deep breath and long pause)….as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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