Deadelic Entertainment announced today they’ve picked up the publishing rights to Cryofall, an upcoming multiplayer survival RPG from AtomicTorch Studio.

You’ve landed on a distant planet….but you’re not alone, and we don’t just mean the alien creatures. Cryofall is a multiplayer experience where each planet can have up to 200 astronaut castaways roaming around. Survival doesn’t mean just gathering supplies and crafting items….it means forging alliances with others. But who can you really trust?

“We wanted to create a game where you don’t just compete with other players over trivial matters like resources,” says Valentin Gukov, CryoFall game designer. “With its deep features and focus on economy, agriculture, exploration, a compelling environment and more, CryoFall goes beyond that. It offers players lots of freedom on how they can interact with one another. At its core, this game is not about fighting, but creating a new world together!”

  • Complex crafting and industrial system, including oil refining and lithium extraction.
  • Various stages of technological progress (primitive, industrial, modern, post-modern, sci-fi).
  • Farming with complex crop growth simulation, fertilizers, etc. and diverse cooking options.
  • Wide range of player interactions and roles with specialization options emphasizing meaningful interactions rather than just combat.
  • Economy with coin minting, complex trading and automated vending machines managed by players.
  • Carefully handcrafted maps and locations (plus map editor).
  • Storyline elements discovered through exploration.
  • Diverse environments with several biomes (temperate, desert, tropical, boreal, wasteland, etc.).
  • In-house developed Renkei Engine™, allowing hundreds of players on the same server.
  • Complex character simulation with several dozens of status effects (e.g., bleeding, poisoning, radiation, etc.).
  • Extensive modding capabilities, including real-time code editing.

Cryofall enters Steam Early Access fairly soon — April 3. Be one of the first to play, and found your settlement before all the good spots for cities are taken.