We still don’t know when Madmind Studios’ Succubus will come out, but we just became aware of a method to get a taste of it. A demo for the game will be freely playable at Poznań Game Arena (PGA) on October 18-19, 2019. Look for Madmind’s booth and there you will find Succubus.

Succubus is the sequel to Agony, a trippy, artsy trip to hell that was originally slapped with an AO rating. Their publisher wouldn’t put out the game without cuts, so Madmind eventually released the uncut version as a PC exclusive. Now, the makers of Agony are working on its spinoff…starring Vydija, a female succcubus who players first met in Agony. She’s been through a lot since then….

With the disappearance of the rightful rulers of hell, the remaining demons have chosen their new ruler – the only soul who could dominate the mind of the mighty Beast. Raising their new empire from the corpses of sinners helped the new king, Nimrod, and his queen Vydija, to control the chaos left by the former overlord.

However, the new, honorable title of the queen of hell proved not to be the best match with the savage nature of Succubus. She gave up the luxury of walking on carpets sewn from the skins of martyrs, choosing to live her life in the wild instead, finding her simple pleasures in hunting.

When satisfying her primal instincts, the new queen crosses her roads with the powerful Baphomet who, along with his army, is pursuing the soul of King Nimrod. Being humiliated and betrayed by her own species, the heroine regains her strengths with only one clear target – REVENGE!

It’s come to light that Madmind will be introducing a new demon in Succubus — a two-headed, bat-winged monster named Cherub. You can actually met him already if you own Agony Unrated…Madmind just updated their original game to include Cherub, as a special preview for the sequel.

Succubus will be out someday from Madmind Studios.