You may be surprised to hear this, but there’s more than one River City game out this fall. Wayforward’s River City Girls may be getting the lion’s share of the attention (and deservedly so), but there’s another challenger on the block. and it goes by the name of River City Melee Mach!! Exclamation points are theirs.

Melee Mach!! has a rather odd appearance, going for both retro and modern at the same time by placing the original 8-bit River City Ransom sprites against 3-D backdrops. It’s primarily a multiplayer game, but there’s a mode for every mood.

Single-Player – You take on all the other characters in the tournament. This also serves as a story mode, since there IS a plot to this.

Battle Royale – The trendy mode of the moment, where four players duke it out until just one is left standing.

Tag Match – A 2 vs 2 tag battle.

Change Match – Everytime a character is knocked out, the next teammate steps in to continue the fight.

Endless Battle – Enter the arena and fight until you drop.

Online Battle – Fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. The rule set is customizable.

  • Over 180 playable characters!
    Choose from a ton of characters, each with their own special moves and skills.
  • More than 250 special attacks!
    Cancel and combine special moves to setup devastating combos!
  • Tons of items to use in combat!
    Use countless new weapons to expand your strategy!
  • Interactive Stages!
    Avoid deadly pitfalls and booby traps to determine the best strategy to survive.
  • Highly customizable!
    Create an original, unstoppable team for the fight. Customize the items that will appear on the battlefield.

You can check out River City Melee Mach!! today on all the dominant game-playing devices: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and PC.


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