Ship of Heroes is an upcoming MMO that resembles City of Heroes, except it takes place on a ship. You ride the ship to various locales, beat up the bad guys in every city, and then travel to the next one. Heroic Games, the team behind Ship of Heroes, has been conducting alpha and beta tests since 2017, the most recent of them being the Character Creator Beta in late 2019.

This beta was previously accessible to anybody who donated at least $50 to the project before October 15, 2019. But in the light of recent events and the current social isolation of millions, the Ship of Heroes dev team has decided to open the beta up to anyone who asks…not just donators.

“We’ve had some questions so we thought we should let people know that most of our team works out of their houses anyway, and while there are a few situations where the kids are at home, which is fun but distracting, we are mostly just plugging away as usual, creating Ship of Heroes…

“What can we do to help all of you, who are suddenly at home during the day? We’re going to start letting people into the game as we see it as devs, each day. Which means it is not a highly polished Beta, it is the current version with just a few things shut off. There may be a few bugs, especially on some of the new or transferred costume pieces.”

Got that? This is an incredibly nice thing they’re doing for you…now’s not the time to complain about a glitch or two. To play around with the Ship of Heroes Beta, send a request to the dev team through this form.