Last week Physicality Games revealed their first limited release physical game, Slayaway Camp. The second game they’re publishing has been revealed now, and it’s a much bigger announcement: Physicality is partnering with Arc System Works to release the Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack, a collector’s box that celebrates not just the two decades of Guilty Gear, but the three decades of Arc System Works as a whole.

guilty gear

The Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack comes with a physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch, a Guilty Gear-themed SteelBook, 3-inch acrylic standee versions of Baiken, Dizzy, and Bridget, and a fancy gold-finished commemorative Guilty Gear’s 20th anniversary medal. The package comes inside a Collector’s Tin with a clear display window.

When you put the game card into your Switch, you’ll get the original 1998 Guilty Gear as well as 2008’s GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R.

  • Includes the first and last installments of the gorgeous 2D sprite-based games of the franchise
  • Enjoy a hard rock soundtrack and rekindle those hot moments with 13 unique characters that set the stage and raised the bar in Guilty Gear
  • Rediscover the original cast of 25 playable characters and take the fight online in GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R

On this occasion, Physicalty Games has announced the launch date for its website…tomorrow! You can preorder the Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack, and Slayaway Camp, starting March 23.

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