What would get your undivided attention right now? How about if I told you there’s a B-movie out now about a comic book that kills people? Don’t answer yet — I can sweeten this deal. What if I told you that movie starred Daisy Ridley, better known as Rey from Star Wars? NOW how much would you pay?

That’s the premise of SCRAWL, a direct-to-DVD movie now available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Obviously Daisy filmed the movie before she got her breakthrough part in The Force Awakens. Doesn’t make it any less delicious that this exists.

Now for the second most important question: how does the comic book kill? Does it grab a knife between its pages and waddle up to unsuspecting adolescents? Does it take a limo to Hollywood, option itself for a cinematic universe and result in a movie so bad that people who see it have their heads explode? Not quite. The actual plot is somewhere between Death Note and that episode of JoJo where the kid has the manga that predicts people’s fates.

Simon Goodman (Liam Hughes) is a 16-year boy living in a rundown seaside town. With his best friend Joe Harper (Joe Daly), they create a comic book called SCRAWL as a way to escape their reality, gain some notoriety and more importantly pick up girls.
Annie Williams (Annabelle Le Gresley), a girl who hides behind her camera and cannot forget the past gets wrapped up in the boys new world, along with Joe’s sister Rosie (Ellie Selwood) and suddenly, with the appearance of a mysterious girl, Hannah (Daisy Ridley), events in the comic book start to invade their reality and situations in the comic book come to life.
At first its great, girls start to become interested in the boys, and all seems fun, but then the monsters of the comic book begin to show themselves, and the boys realize that the comic depicts a bloody great massacre at page 21.
With the help of Joes father, Frank (Mark Forester-Evans), family and friends, the boys are forced to face their horrific imagination made real.
Are Simon and Joe able to change their new found reality?
Only if they can rewrite death.

If it went for a Stranger Things vibe with the teens, SCRAWL could actually be kinda fun. The movie is, like I said, only available at Wal-Mart but is also viewable on-demand.



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