Director Joe Zanetti has completed his independent production Killbird, and is about to show it off for the first time. The film will open June 23 at Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre, as part of the Dances With Films festival.

Taylor Crane gets lost on a birdwatching trip and finds a remote cabin (take a drink) where she meets a recluse named Riad Bishara. Bishara claims to be hiding from the CIA….and deeply paranoid, he soon comes to believe Crane is an agent sent to bring him in. Eventually, Crane discovers she is not the first person to be held captive in Bishara’s dwelling….and that the CIA may have even set her up to find him, which makes her case of innocence that much harder to argue.

“As a proud independent filmmaker, I am so thrilled to premiere Killbird at Dances With Films,” says Zanetti. “I worked with such a dedicated Canadian cast and crew, who were willing to jump on my crazy rollercoaster ride to create an ambitious conspiracy thriller on such a low budget. Killbird rips the band-aid off intense and timely subject matter and fundamentally says that in the midst of escapist distraction, it is our duty to pay attention.”

Zanetti has worked on other productions before, such as short films The Chase and The Slumber Party, and has several films now in development. He’s also been involved with video games, and was part of the production crew on Batman: Arkham Origins and Star Trek: Fleet Command.

Killbird will premiere June 23, and Zanetti will start searching for a distribution deal afterward.

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