When it comes to the puzzle platfomer genre, you might think that everything has been done before, but indie developers keep finding ways to surprise people. Such as the teams at Good Shepherd and Nyamakop, who have come together to make and release the game known as Semblance, and it’s definitely a title worth your viewing.

Why is that? Well, the world of Semblance is one that can be bent and deformed at will. All you have to do is hit something and it’ll move in a certain way. You’ll do this throughout the game at your own pace in order to solve puzzles and make it through the game’s world.

The game is out now for Steam, Mac, and Nintendo Switch via the eShop for only $9.99.

Here are some key features of the game:

  • Unique and innovative deforming platform gameplay:
    Can’t reach a collectible? Just deform and elevate a piece of the ground so that the point you jump from is higher. Nasty spikes in the way? Just deform and push-down the ground lower so that you can pass by. Squish, bounce, squash and transform the world- and yourself to solve problems.
  • Beautiful Minimalist Aesthetic Design:
    Explore 3 worlds bursting with colorful minimalist charm, quirky critters, and calming vistas. Become hypnotized by each world’s dynamically layered score, each with a hint of African aural distinction.
  • Explore non-linearly
    The game allows you to move between puzzles as you wish, never forcing you to find a solution in order to progress and enabling you to come back later. Similarly, the game’s narrative is presented expansively, allowing you to explore- and piece together the story for yourself as you roam the game.

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