One of the things that many developers appreciate about the game design process is when they’re able to get feedback from actual gamers about their title. Which is why the service Steam Early Access has gotten a lot of praise over the years, as it allows devs to put their game on the service in a pre-finished form and get feedback from gamers on how to improve it. All kinds of games have entered the service, and now, a party game has just arrived in the form of Headsnatchers,

The game actually plays a lot like a Japanese game show, with a lot of crazy antics and weird gameplay goals. In this case, Headsnatchers actually asks you to take the heads off of your opponents’ heads and use them to win the game.

You also have to be aware of your environment, as that can play just as much a role in your victory as it is your defeat.

Daniel Winkler, lead developer at IguanaBee, had this to say about the Early Access release: “It allows us to properly develop the game while listening to feedback from the community. As a multiplayer party game, we find it incredibly important that we actively involve the community to shape Headsnatchers into the best party game out there. We hope gamers young and old will enjoy humiliating their pals in the wackiest ways possible!”


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