Dixit is the card game of storytelling. Each player holds a hand of cards with illustrations on them. One player initiates each round by picking a card from their hand and speaking a word, phrase or sentence the illustration represents. The other players must pick a card from their own hand they think most closely represents that spoken statement. After every player has laid down a card, those cards are shuffled and each player (except the first one) must choose which card was originally set down. Points are then awarded based on the correct guesses. Repeat until a winner is clear.

Asmodee, makers of Dixit, have introduced a new deck full of illustrations by French illustrator and animation developer Marina Coudray. The cards are full of gags mixing modern technology with ancient settings — for example, one card depicts a raptor taking a selfie while being oblivious to the giant comet landing behind him. The expansion is called “Dixit: Revelations” and is available today.

“Influenced by art movements of the early twentieth century, your games of Dixit will delve into pivotal artistic revolutions including Cubism, Surrealism, Art Deco, and more,” says Asmodee. Check out more on Dixit and the Revelations expansion here.

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