Momentum Pictures will be releasing their indie action-horror film Nekrotronic in a select number of theaters around the country this Friday.

You just never know what you’ll find in the sewers. Howard North knows that from experience — it’s his job to work in sewage, but he may be finding employment of a different sort soon. Turns out down below, an ancient conflict is brewing between the Nekromancers, who hunt demons, and a super-powerful demon named Finnegan (female).

Finnegan has been attacking people and absorbing their souls to gain power, and if she isn’t stopped soon, she’ll threaten the world. Can’t the other Nekromancers take care of it? Not without North — who discovers it’s his destiny to become the ultimate Nekromancer and defeat Finnegan for good.

Nekrotronic was written by Kiah Roache-Turner and Tristan Roache-Turner, and directed by Kiah. It stars Ben O’Toole (Hacksaw Ridge, The Water Diviner), Monica Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded, Mozart in the Jungle), Caroline Ford (Amazon’s Carnival Row, TV’s Once Upon a Time), Tess Haubrich (The Wolverine, Alien: Covenant), Epine Bob Savea, and David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Return of the King, 300).

Here are the theaters you can expect to find Nekrotronic in on August 9. It will be available on VOD platforms the same day.

Arena Cinelounge , Los Angeles
AMC Liberty Tree, Boston
AMC Woodridge, Chicago
AMC Grapevine, Dallas
AMC Westminster, Denver
AMC Great Lakes, Detroit
AMC Gulf Point, Houston
AMC Aventura, Miami
AMC Neshaminy, Philadelphia
AMC Arizona Center, Phoenix

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