Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion launched on Playstation 4 and XBox One last September. Those playing the PC version have just had to sit impatiently, but the wait will be over soon….

Capcom announced today that Iceborne is coming to the PC version of Monster Hunter World next January. Being the PC version, it will sport some graphical improvements over its console cousins and extra customization options. A high resolution texture pack, customizable graphical settings, and DirectX 12 support have been confirmed, as well as a rejiggered keyboad-and-mouse control setup.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne whisks players off to explore the newly discovered Hoarfrost Reach, a snow-covered locale that progressively expands with the story and is home to the mysterious new Elder Dragon, Velkhana. To help hunters on their journey, new gameplay features have been added including the new Clutch Claw mechanic and updates to all 14 weapon types that will provide additional combat options. Other new “series first” gameplay features include a two-player balanced difficulty scale, the ability to ride small monsters to traverse maps and a Hunter Helper player incentive to encourage more experienced hunters to help Low and High Rank players progress through the game. The expansion also introduces hunters to a new higher difficulty rank, called Master Rank. Hunters must have completed the main story in Monster Hunter: World through Hunter Rank 16 in order to access Master Rank and all the new Iceborne story and quests.

Preorder Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and you get the exclusive Yukumo Series layered armor set bonus. The expansion will cost $39.99 on PC, but there is a Digital Deluxe version for ten bucks more that adds a cosmetic items pack. if you don’t own Monster Hunter World itself, you can get it and Iceborne at the same time for $59.99. Iceborne cannot be played separately.