Iceberg Interactive is preparing two video games for a PC release this Thanksgiving: Still There and Headsnatchers. Both have a comedic theme, though with the first one, it isn’t apparent at first.

In Still There, you play as Karl, an astronaut who lives in isolation on his space lighthouse. Each day he gets up and he performs his monotonous duties. Why is he there, why did he take this job, and what’s in his past? You’ll find out as you explore the lighthouse, solve puzzles, and communicate with Gorky, the lighthouse AI. Still There is developed by Ghost Shark Games.

  • Maintain your space lighthouse by solving brain-bending puzzles and completing your daily tasks. Urine may be involved.
  • Respond to emergency situations, take vital decisions while you unravel the emotional story of Karl’s past.
  • Engage in hilarious conversations with Gorky, the station’s AI.
  • Confront complex issues, such as depression and grief, in the deeply immersive narrative.
  • Soak up the nostalgia with stunning retro graphics and visuals.

Now for Headsnatchers….it’s exactly what it says on the tin, a game where you must snatch heads. It’s a crazy party game for up to four players…grab your friends’ heads off their bodies and do nasty things with them, like kick them in a football game or flush them down a toilet. But don’t get caught yourself, or the same fate will befall YOUR noggin! There are over 100 heads to choose from, and if none of them speak to you, you can create your own head using the well-named “Headitor.”

Hold onto your head with Headsnatchers, a stupidly hectic up-to-4-player local and online multiplayer party-game where you snatch your friends’ heads to come out victorious. Because, let’s face it, you’ll do anything to win.

Headsnatchers is live now in Early Access form, but the finalized version is coming soon. Look for both it and Still There later this fall.