Zulong Games announced today it’s preparing a worldwide release for its new mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja.

The dragons mentioned in the title have just woken up from an ancient slumber. The humans of the world wished they’d stayed asleep, because the dragons now want dominion over the planet. But they can’t have it without a fight! To measure up against a dragon you’re going to need powerful weapons, strong armor and the latest technology — you’ll find it through exploring the world of Dragon Raja.

As a proper MMO should, this game contains thousands of weapons, items and clothes to track down, as well as thousands of style combinations to make with what you gain. With UE4 Engine graphics powering the visuals, you should look great in a paper bag.

  • Stunning graphics – industry-leading UE4 engine with realistic light and shadow effects for a AAA visual experience on mobile
  • Delicate modeling – featuring millions of facets and instanced stereo rendering
  • Grand open-world – realistic day/night cycles, weather changes and seasonal cycles
  • Player-driven environment – a world that bends to players’ decisions with an open plot featuring multiple endings, NPC reactions, and varying missions
  • Multidimensional Character Customization – Thousands of visual combinations and a unique career system allows players to take on multiple personas or looks
  • Epic combat – real-time PvE and PvP combat built to support large numbers of players simultaneously
  • Global play – grand scale play with friends’ dynamic timelines, built-in instant voice chat, rich team play, and massive interactions between characters

For pre-registering for Dragon Raja, you will get bonus items on release day, but the amount of goodies depends on how many sign up. If 500,000 people register, the Gold Hero Key will be unlocked. Two million unlocks an exclusive title and three million makes the Flamingo Sporty Refit Model mount available. Tell your friends.

Dragon Raja will be out in 2020 on iOS and Android.