You’ve been shrunk! You’ve got to find a way not just to survive, but to return to your normal size…but how? The world is now a lot more dangerous, and previously benign wildlife now sees you as a snack. It’s an intriguing premise that’s been done in many movies and TV shows, but somehow, not in many video games.

Polish studio Glob Games aims to change that. Introducing MicroMan….the game where you play as a scientist reduced to bug size after an experiment gone wrong. A wide variety of gameplay elements will be implemented here, from survival mechanics to combat to possibly piloting a butterfly.

“When we were young, from time to time most of us thought about already becoming big and adult. But the reverse situation could also be fascinating,” says Karol Marcinkowski, Vice President at Glob Games Studio. “We will provide the players with a surprising, dynamic and – at the same time – very multifaceted adventure.”

“We will be fighting rats, running away from a hedgehog, looking for a way to get on the bus or trying to avoid getting crushed by human feet. And these are just some of the things MicroMan will offer. All this will be wrapped in stylish audio and visuals and sprinkled with a good dose of good humor.”

  • a crazy story and a dynamic adventure;
  • a completely new perspective on the urban jungle;
  • a humour-rich experience;
  • unexpected threats (such as ants, hedgehogs and rats);
  • fighting to survive;
  • unusual means of transport (e.g. a butterfly and a skateboard);
  • stylish audio and visuals.

As hard as it will be for MicroMan to regain his normal size, it’ll be harder to wait for the game to come out. The PC version is due first, but not until the second half of 2021. Console versions will follow after that.