Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off was announced last September, and it’s almost ready to open. It’s a mobile game developed by Tilting Point and Nukebox Studios, the two teams behind Food Truck Chef — a game that tasks you with flipping burgers and serving orders as quickly as possible. Nickelodeon, noticing the potential, asked them if they could make a similar game only with Spongebob doing the flipping. The studios agreed, and got to work.

Shortly after the game was announced, the pre-registration period began. A line started forming in front of the Krusty Krab and as of now, it consists of over fourteen million people. Tilting Point and Nukebox made the proud announcement today…these patties are in demand!

In Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, you have the thankless job of grilling patties as a square porous undersea life form. Other Spongebob characters will appear as your customers and you’ll be competing against other players for the fastest time and best score. You’ll also have the ability to wander outside the Krusty Krab and explore Bikini Bottom, discovering items to jazz up your kitchen when you return.

“To reach 14 million pre-registrations in such a short span of time is an incredible achievement made possible by our hard-working team at Nukebox Studios and SpongeBob’s loyal fans,” says Yang Wen, VP of Product at Tilting Point. “We look forward to continuing this momentum for SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off as we prepare for the game’s launch this spring, and are excited for players to finally put their underwater culinary skills to the test.”

An exact release date for Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off still has not been revealed, but if the plan is still a spring launch, it won’t be long now. It’s coming soon to iOS and Android.

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