Patience is not a virtue when it comes to gamers most of the time. Mainly because we want to play the next entry in our favorite series pretty much right after we beat the next game. But we can’t, so we impatiently bide our time until the next one arises.

This takes on a whole new meaning for Kingdom Hearts fans. Despite having some titles on both the DS and 3DS, there hasn’t been a “main” title in over 10 years. Yet, we know not only that Kingdom Hearts 3 IS coming, but it’s being made to come out “as quickly as possible”.

Now, Tetsuya Nomura, director for the game, has provided an update on things to Famitsu (via IGN), and has stated when we can expect more Kingdom Heart 3 news, as well as what else might be in store for the series.

“We have some interesting things planned,” he said. “There will be Kingdom Hearts III news, and various things [at D23], I think. Kingdom Hearts III development is going smoothly, but there will also be new announcements connected to it. As one of those new announcements, I think we should be able to announce a smartphone-specific development for the series in short order.”

So there you go! It’s still a while off, but hey, we’re patient…right?