Texas-based developer Garrick Campsey is working on something he calls a “clothformer” — LAZR combines platforming and shooting action, but takes place mostly on surfaces made of cloth with real bendy physics. The effect looks pretty good, as this GIF will prove:

According to Garrick, “The original idea for Lazr came from a challenge posed by a fellow programmer to add verlet cloth sims into a platformer. A protoype was built, and it was so much fun to play that the decision was made to turn it into a larger demo. A video recording of the demo went viral on Twitter, and the decision was made to make Lazr into a full fledged game.”

As for what’s going on, LAZR is an android in a futuristic world inspired by popular sci-fi dystopias. Three corrupt corporations are fighting for dominance of the city, and LAZR has been hired by resistance fighters to bring back justice. It will require lots of swinging! Also, LAZR has a holographic dog, which Garrick added “pet” and “go fetch” functions for.

  •  Unique, one of a kind Platforming Physics – cloth, fire, and weather effects (like rain and snow)
  • Multiple City Districts, each with their own set of levels (hundreds of levels to play)
  •  Customize your hero – different shell modifications allow the player to tailor the hero’s abilities as they see fit – from fully auto laser fire, to more acrobatic shells.
  • Choices that deeply affect the protagonist’s journey and the city around them, with multiple endings
  •  Highly polished and responsive input, timed levels designed for speed running
  •  Vibrant neon retro pixel art + animations, combined with pre-rendered 3d, describe a futuristic dystopia where both AI and humans live in amid a dangerous balance
  •  Vivid, futuristic soundtrack composed by ///Underwires (William Kingston Davies) and Garrick Campsey
  •  English, French, Chinese, Japanese language selections available as default
  • Estimated 6-9 hours of gameplay

If LAZR’s Kickstarter is successful, the game will be coming to just about everything: PS4, Switch, XBox One, PC, Mac, Linux and even PS Vita. Support the project by heading to this page.

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