Independent developer Panzer Division announced for today the public beta launch of Iron Cross, a multiplayer real-time strategy wargame. Panzer Division invites all players to join the North African campaign once more.
Iron Cross is a multiplayer real-time wargame – a combination of real-time and turn-based strategy. Game takes place in North Africa during WW2. Players can take role of German, Italian or British commanders and are given command over land army, air units, logistics and engineering. Player can give orders to: battalions, divisions, corps, armies and air squadrons. Communication and coordination between players allows for entertaining and realistic combat experience.

Historical game scenarios were created after extensive research and balancing. Unit combat data is based on historical technical data. Both of these elements are constantly being fine-tuned based on player’s feedback.

Game features large detailed map of Libya and Egypt, with accurate road and village network. It allows players to take advantage of terrain features to defend themselves better and to outmanouver the opponents. Vast distances and scarce supply sources add a logistical component to the game. Players are awarded ranks for playing good and with skill. Initially they all start as Ensigns, but can advance up to the rank of Field Marshal.


  • Large map covering entire Western Desert theater from Libya to Egypt, which enables battles to be fought anywhere in that area
  • Historically accurate orders of battle and unit combat data
  • Five historical scenarios: Operation Sonnenblume (Rommel’s First Offensive), Operation Battleaxe, Operation Crusader, Operation Venezia (Gazala battle) and Second Battle of El Alamein
  • Fifteen fictional scenarios and three tutorials
  • Multiplayer real-time land and air combat
  • Logistical branch which simulates scarce supplies and logistical problems
  • Ranking system where each player receives ranks and skill bonuses based on success in combat