This week Arc System Works presents Inferno Climber Reborn, the new survival RPG “set in a world called ‘Hell.'” Yes, we’ve heard of that little place before. But as renditions of realms of eternal torment go, this one looks rather adorable.

You are a warrior whose face consists of one giant pair of eyeballs. You are also dead, but you’ve worked out a deal with the Grim Reaper to possibly escape that fate. If you can collect the five Purgatory Stones scattered throughout the underworld, he’ll un-die you and you can escape. He didn’t make this offer because it was easy, though. Hordes of monsters and endless deadly traps guard the locations of the Stones.

  • Explore the World of Inferno
    Explore the unknown world of Inferno in search of the 5 Purgatory Stones.Travel through ruins, jungles and more as the story unfolds.
  • Inferno・Survival・Action
    Beware of traps and keep a look out for treasures and secret paths. Manage food and items to ensure your survival in the World of Inferno.
  • Power Up Your Character
    Search for hidden treasures across the World of Inferno to find powerful weapons and items that will aid you in your quest.
  • Choose Your Protagonist from 8 Playable Characters!
    Each playable character has their own strengths and abilities. Use them to your advantage!

You can play Inferno Climber on any of these systems: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. XBox owners are out of luck.

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