Are adult coloring books still a thing? We guess so. Alan Robert’s Beauty of Horror series, published by IDW, is a collection of detailed gruesome drawings that come in black and white and beg for splashes of pastels. During NYCC, IDW announced an expansion of the Beauty of Horror brand.

“The mega-success of The Beauty of Horror has surpassed all of my expectations at this point, and [mascot] Ghouliana’s universe is about to expand in a very big way with all these new products!” says creator Robert. “I’ve gotta admit, it’s been kind of difficult keeping my mouth shut about all these super-creepy Tarot cards I’ve been drawing over the last few months; I think it’s some of my best work and I can’t wait for fans to finally see them! Beauty of Horror Volume 4: Creature Feature is on my drawing board now, and it’s a blast reenacting my favorite horror movie scenes with these characters. So much fun!”

He did just confirm Volume 4, but it’s just the beginning. IDW games is producing a spinoff tarot card set featuring art from the Beauty of Horror series. It will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter starting October 22, and if the campaign is successful, will introduce 78 never before seen designs to BoH fans. There will also be a deluxe “Color Your Tarot” set, extra-large and in black and white, for those who donate in the higher tiers.

There’s one more item of interest….last year a special stop-motion animated trailer was made to promote “The Beauty of Horror: The Ghosts of Christmas.” The idea was such a hit they’ve created a sequel. You can now watch “Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats” on YouTube…and watch for The Beauty of Horror 4: Creature Feature on bookshelves soon.

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