Remember back in the 1980s, when evil robots took over the world and enslaved humanity? Maybe not, but developer and publisher Headroom One remembers things a little differently. Their VR platformer The Tower II takes you back to a dystopian future….er, past.

The machines you’ll be facing are far more advanced than they ever were in the actual decade. Instead of bulbous CRTs, noisy Betamax players and landline telephones, you’ll be facing off against drones and androids. The drones are actually a bit beneficial, as you can grab onto them to travel across chasms…we should mention you’re a parkour master.

In The Tower 2 you will have to move along conveyor belts, slide down ramps, swing over urban chasms on ropes, master wall-running, use jump-pads, and rise above the city holding on to flying drones.
The Tower II comes in two modes: Story Mode, which winds you along a dark sci-fi narrative, and the Virtual Parkour League, where you’ll get the chance to sharpen your leaping and grabbing skills. There are separate trailers for both; here’s what the Story Mode looks like…

And here’s the Virtual Parkour League, which in the game’s universe is a competitive sport. You can play these shorter levels against friends local or online.

Jump into The Tower II today, now available on Steam and Oculus Rift .


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