It’s been one of the most requested sequels of all time, from a series tragically left hanging back in the early 2000s. And now that Shenmue 3 is finally here, we can get to that other one. Valve took the occasion to announce an in-development continuation of Half-Life…sort of.

The Half-Life series is still one of gaming’s most popular, despite its current status of limbo. The 1998 original was praised by everyone, the 2004 sequel even more so. Next up for Valve was a series of mini follow-ups titled Half-Life Chapters 1 through 3. They got up to 2…then they invented Steam, became rich and fat, and said “Half-Life? What’s that?”

For nearly 15 years, the entire series has been left on a cliffhanger, and getting answers out of Valve has been virtually impossible. CEO Gabe Newell has refused to comment about a Half-Life 3 and forbids reporters from bringing the subject up. Everyone figured the series was done with….until today.

And it’s not Half-Life 3, just so we’re clear (we’ll never get THAT lucky). The announced game is a spinoff, centered around Alyx, for VR systems. Rumors point to it being a prequel. It may be in 3D, but you know what else has a 3 in it people would like even better?

We’ll know more Thursday. That’s when Valve plans to tell us a lot more about Half-Life: Alyx beyond its name.