As pop culture has taught us, March 17 is a good time for all things green. But we’re not talking about Ireland-related mythologies, or that one missionary who got a drinking holiday named after him. March 17 is also the day Green: An Orc’s Life will be released onto Steam.

In the world of this game, orcs get no respect. Wizards, dwarves and halflings scoff in their general direction. But you’ll show them….you’ll show them all, once your army of orcs is assembled! And to do that…you’ll swipe a lot of cards.

An Orc’s Life is primarily a card game. You raise an orc from birth and instill in them special skills. Recruit other orcs to your cause. By playing the right cards at the right time, you’ll defeat monsters with your horde, win an envious amount of loot, become King of the Orcs and put the scoffers of the realm in their place. Orcs rule!

Green: An Orc’s Life was created and programmed by James K. Isaac, and will launch on Steam March 17. A mobile version for Android is also in the works.


A Reigns-like card-swiper. Grow an orc. Pilot it through a life of pillage, plunder and gluttony. Build up your horde, become filthy-rich with loot, even become a god! Featuring comic-book aesthetics, in Green: An Orc’s Life you’ll have to build up your horde as you spread fear and save the world!

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