Indie Studio Spiders will be publishing their open world RPG Greedfall on consoles and PC this fall. Today they revealed a new gameplay trailer.

You come from a dying country, plagued with an unstoppable disease. Your society’s only hope is the island of Teer Fradee, where it’s rumored a cure exists. The question of whether that’s a rumor or not is actually the least of your problems….

Y’see, you didn’t come alone, and several other factions that arrived on Teer Fradee with you have a more colonialist motive. Why go back to that dying country when they’re on a whole new world, lush with life and teeming with actual magic? They’ll take over instead! You’re caught in the middle of this conflict and the decisions you make are up to you. Suck up to both sides, become a double agent, whatever works.

But the options in GreedFall go beyond just becoming a hero or villain. A wide variety of gameplay styles are open to you….you can take down your enemies directly, or lay cunning traps and lie in wait. An optional tactical pause menu will allow you to study the field and plan your next move. And a robust crafting system lets you create the perfect weapons and armor to accomplish your goals.

Many choices, from large to inconsequential, will shape the story you end up experiencing in Greedfall. The game is coming September 10 to Playstation 4, XBox One and PC

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