We don’t know if the upcoming Indie game Kerfufffight will be the best multiplayer fighter ever made, but we do know it has the best TITLE of any fighting game in existence. You control simply blobby humanoid outlines that can be customized by color, face or accessories. Then you can go to town in one of several arenas, against up to four other players, whether they be AI or human.

Want to customize your gameplay experience further? Choose the game mode that better suits your needs. Fight for the highest score, be the last one standing, try to win over multiple rounds, etc…

None of your friends are available? No problem! You can play against AI opponents in any game mode. If you want something a bit more challenging, you can also try to complete Kerfuffight’s solo challenges where one player can attempt to fight a horde of AI opponents, survive for a set amount of time or win the highest amount of rounds!

Be it when playing in versus or when completing challenges, you can customize your character to your liking by picking the face, color and hat of your choice. Players also have the possibility to unlock more customization by simply playing the game. The unlock menu will let players know what’s next and help them set goals toward the next customization they can obtain.

  • Cartoony 3D visuals
  • Up to 4 players local multiplayer
  • AI opponents
  • Customizable characters
  • Further customization unlocked by playing the game
  • Multiple biomes, each with their own distinct visual and mechanical identity
  • Unique stages tied to each biome
  • Distinct weapons bound to each biome
  • Single-player challenges where you can try and beat your own high-scores

When does Kerfufffight kerfuff its way onto Steam? By the end of this month. It will become available for purchase August 30.