Opened on March 17th, 1912, this children’s home would be housing roughly 2,500 male orphans over the course of 66 years.

Despite being a children’s home most of the boy’s residing at St. Johns where not victim’s of deprived parental care; as about 5% belonged to very poor families who couldn’t watch over their children.

For an institute that was designed to seat about 100 kids, during years of war many lost their families, there’s no doubt the building became packed. Holding up to 250 kids over rough times St. Johns was a place of sadness and grief, as heard by many. While St. Johns was supposed to be a place to rejoice for some of the children, it eventually became more of a prison house. Children would routinely have their clothes taken from them and would be given 1 set of clothing and underwear for a week; only to be beaten if they were caught washing them.

Currently, the former orphanage is now owned by a local ghost tour company and many ghost hunters have reported hearing very loud screams in the hallway’s and even the bed room’s of St. Johns. With so many painful memories from former residents I personally believe that this creepy brick housed manor is haunted by the many memories of not only the children, but also the caretakers themselves. One would wonder why any spirit even haunt such a place. That’s something even I can’t seem to figure out, but you can see for yourself from “S.I.N Australia” who had the privilege of staying at St Johns after strange reports of paranormal activity.



Whether or not Goulburns Orphanage is haunted is up to you, the reader, or so I would say if this video was not proof enough. Something terrible may have happened at St. Johns Orphanage, something we may never find out. But clearly it’s evident the souls of the many children loom the hallways of St Johns with hateful and painful memories, or because of a tragedy yet spoken of. If you find yourself in Goulburn, Australia take my advice and enter at your own risk…..