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I used to collect video games. Like tons of them ranging from a wide variety of consoles starting from a NES until the Xbox 360. But now I have taken a fancy to Anime figurines. I just found out that they make very high quality character models in Japan. Just ordered a couple of Megahouse One Piece figures. Hope they arrive soon! :D

Oh, I have a friend who collects video games too. He mainly collects Nintendo NS games, which sounds strange because the ones he collects, he doesn't play on the Nintendo console. Those games remain unopened, just the way he purchase from the store.


The only thing I collect is video games. Though, I am building up a collection of unused prepaid phones. I don't even know where most of them came from and should probably give them away.

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I used to also collect video games for my Playstation 2, but obviously that console has been out of the mainstream eye for some time now, due to the PS3 and Xbox 360 coming out to overshadow it. I had MANY games for the PS2, and recently went into a shop to trade them all for money. Some of the best games for the PS2 are now only something like forty pence - not even a full pound - which is kind of depressing when you think about it.


I have always had a fascination with face masks. I have been collecting them for a very long time.
The most i had at once was over 50 of them. I have reduced my collection.

I continue to be fascinated by them.


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I collect Pokemon cards. Some of these cards I've had ever since I was a young child, so it holds special meaning for me. I probably won't ever sell them, even if some of the cards I have are likely worth quite a bit now.

Other than that, I also collect pencils - every time I go on a trip, I buy a neat-looking pencil from that place as a souvenir.


Watches. I am currently saving up to build my watch collection. It IS an expensive hobby. :(

I am planning to get a thin dress watch for my next addition to the collection. Those are really classy and simply look amazing with a suit!


I also collect Eclipse mint boxes. Hahahahah they are just so pretty!



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I collect coins passively (when I find them in my change). Oftentimes the Canadian Mint will release limited edition quarters, with a special image on the front or a series of different images which replace the normal tail of the coin (a caribou). There are a lot of American coins in circulation up here also, so I do sometimes collect the American state quarters (a state on the quarter instead of the normal eagle image). I'm not a huge hoarder or collector, but it's fun to get into something like collecting. Who knows, maybe one day they'll be worth something?


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When I was much younger I collected quarters. The ones with different states on it. Until, I decided to spend it all like it was meant to be.


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I collect a lot of things, Action figures, consoles, games, books, DVD sets and also cosplay props. Yeah, I sound so nerdy saying that but I just really want to keep these things for a few reasons. 1. I may want to re-watch or re-read them. 2. I always keep a souvenir of something I enjoyed. And basically I just have a problem with letting things go so I always keep reminders of them. xD


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I also collect books, mostly hard to find ones. If I am to die today and people would do an inventory of what I truly own, it would only be books. They are my only treasures and possessions. I have temporarily stopped buying as of this time, as I still have to read half of them but more importantly, I also need to invest in having my own place especially that my parents have grown irritated of the sight of my books taking a lot of space in their house.
I have had numerous collections over the years. It just depends on what I am into at the time. I have a collection of oven-baked clay figures I made myself. I also have a collection of shot glasses, coffee cups, shirts, and even soil samples of my last three vacations. Collecting can be expensive, or it can be free. The nice thing about it is that it can be very personally attuned to you!


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I collect a few different things, I think my favorite collection is of old advertising art. I know who wants to collect ads right? It's just that some of them are actually so beautiful, at that time these pictures were hand drawn so they truly are one of a kind. Some pieces I have are original, some of them are reproduction. I don't mind that. I pick what to add to my collection because I like the way that it looks. There no science, just what I like.


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I collect comic books, mainly Marvel and DC comics. I own comics from all time periods, both rare and common. I personally just like to read them and look at the art. :cool:


Postcards. It's the cheapest, and least space consuming souvenir. And because they are cheap people are willing to buy them for you. I have a wall that has a ton of postcards hung up on it. Usually captures people's attention.


I really love snapbacks hats (not ones with sports teams on them). I grown to love them so much that I've started a collection of sorts. I usually wear a hat whenever I go out (I feel pretty uncomfortable without one) and I LOVE having options as well but you can't start a collection of options.


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I used to collect stamps and it is actually fun because you are recording the history!!
HOWEVER, no one is writing and sending letter anymore because everyone is using Facebook or email. Therefore, I am not collecting stamps anymore...


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I collected a variety of things over the years. When I was 8 I used to collect seashells whenever I went to the beach. I was fascinated by the different patterns on the different shells and the bright colors, with my collection having over a hundred beautiful shells. Then, growing up, when I was 12 I would collect different countries' flag pins and from there my obsession with flag pins escalated to the point where I started collecting Olympics pins. I had flag pins for 118 different countries and I had lots of Olympics pins. Besides that, I also collect postcards from different countries and I just can't stop collecting postcards till the very moment. Postcards are so colorful and allow you to be in any amazing place in the world without having to actually be physically present there. They give you a piece from wherever they come and that is what I love about postcards and why I collect them.


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I collect cups. Yup, cups! I've always loved them and I always have a special one I'm drinking out of. My favorit is one my mom got me when I was 18. It has Winnie the Pooh on it; I got it along with a drawing of the Pooh Man. She has a matching cup with Mickey Mouse. We got them at, you guessed it, Disney World, Downtown Disney to be exact. I generally get one wherever we go on Vacation or something. I drink cold stuff in them too.


I used to collect baseball cards when I was younger. I then started to collect angels until I ran out of room and had to stop collecting them. My daughter is into more "mundane" collections. She'll find a rock she finds fascinating and save it and she also likes to collect bottle caps. I guess there's really out there for everyone who's looking for something to collect.
It might be a little bit weird and childish and definitely not something a lot of people collect, but since I was born I've been collecting Disney snow globes! Most of them aren't worth much, but some of them are!

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