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Actually I like Disney and I especially like snow globes. I have several of them around my house right now. I think they're a lot of fun to shake up and watch settle down again.


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I like to collect different editions of The Little Prince when I travel. If it's a new country, then I get myself a copy of the book in that language.
Other than this, nothing really specific. I pick up rocks on vacations and have rocks. When I was younger, t'was Pokemon cards. Still got them in my collection book.


I am a coin collector but not that serious. My collection is mostly old coins but lately when my wife and I began to travel, I have been collecting foreign money in coins and in bills. My wife is collecting angel figurines and she has a cabinet full of her collection. I am saying this because my collection as coins is easy to handle and only a small space is required whereas collecting angels and dolls involves cost.


I like to collect domain names. When I see a valuable or simply an exotic one, then I will try to register it when possible. Note, this hobby can pay off big because some domain names are worth hundreds of dollars, and some are even worth thousands of dollars. Has anyone else on here tried out this sometimes profitable hobby?

However, a funny irony exists because I doubt most web surfers don't pay attention to the domain name as much as the domain industry seems to let on.
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Books. I have never been able to get rid of books, and so I guess it is just natural that this turned into my collection activity. I have a good collection so far, and I know that I have a lot of room to go (I am still in school).


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I have a collection of Barbie Dolls that were mine growing up made in the 60's and 70's. Also a couple of regular Dolls, such as the Crissy Doll.

We bought our son GI Joes and GI Joe Trucks, when he was young and it's a rather large collection, McDonald's Toys were big collectibles back then which we still have.:rolleyes:


As a kid, I collected stamps. I had over 200 stamps belonging to more than 50 countries. I lost my entire collections, when we moved house. As a teenager, I collected coins. My most valuable asset was 1820 one dollar US coin.


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I collected a variety of things over the years. When I was 8 I used to collect seashells whenever I went to the beach. I was fascinated by the different patterns on the different shells and the bright colors, with my collection having over a hundred beautiful shells. Then, growing up, when I was 12 I would collect different countries' flag pins and from there my obsession with flag pins escalated to the point where I started collecting Olympics pins. I had flag pins for 118 different countries and I had lots of Olympics pins. Besides that, I also collect postcards from different countries and I just can't stop collecting postcards till the very moment. Postcards are so colorful and allow you to be in any amazing place in the world without having to actually be physically present there. They give you a piece from wherever they come and that is what I love about postcards and why I collect them.
You have a wonderful collection there! I also trying for volcanion ex card. It's fun to watch your collection of seashells, flag pins, and postcards grow. Collecting them is a great way to keep memories of the locations you've visited or the events you've attended.

I understand your passion for postcards; they really are a distinct kind of memento that beautifully captures the character of a location. Postcards are a wonderful way to remember your travels or stay in touch with friends and family. Their images, colours, and sentiments can take you to another time and place.
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