Two actors from Ultraman Mebius and Kamen Rider Kiva


Well, both actors of Mebius and Kiva are the youngest heroes ever.:D

Srsly. Have you seen Usui (aka Go-On Green)?? 16, my friend.
Much younger than Mebius and Kiva.

Although I didn't know that Usui was part of D-BOYS 'til I found this
thread. lol Mm.. I hearts me some D-BOYS. ^^
Their are too many people from the Watanabe Pro this year the agency where d-boys come from. seriously i don't think this has ever been done before in the past that so many actors are from the same agency. maybe atleast 2 or 3.
D-boys isn't the only one. how many times did someone even mention about hana kimi. ( me including but i already knew from the begining that toku this year had some)


Red Falcon
its not fair for D-Boys having almost all their guys play toku roles .... we need to see more JE guys in toku

Yamapi in next year's Toku, anyone ?
Or not going to happend that many time as watanabe and other agency.

Remember JE is not only an Agency but also an record company an series that takes longer than an 12 episode drama would be in the way of their singing career.


レイモン (雷蒙)
I wonder who's stronger, Kiva's Darkness Moon Break or Mebius' Mebium Spin Kick¿:hmm:

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