Tsuburaya Productions Earns Huge Profits As Of March 2022

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Dec 18, 2016
Rough translation: Fields Cooperation reported today that Tsuburaya Productions earned a total of 923 million yen in profit as of March 2022 (up 474.5% from the previous fiscal year), with the Ultraman Netflix series and Shin Ultraman movie expecting to rise that profit even further.

UPDATE: Bandi's IP Chart is out. Ultraman's earnings has doubled!
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Oct 22, 2012
Wow did Super Sentai tank hard, but it's not that surprising since Kyuranger was the best tokusatsu ever made, after being number one the only place to go is down. And man Ultraman is doing well and I say that as someone that didn't care for Trigger. It as good, but it recycled from past series too much (Tiga's repeats being more obvious). I can see Kamen Rider's recent jump, the fandom united around Zi-O to kick Kamen Rider Build, the worst tokusatsu ever made, into the pit of death like in 300 and Meet The Spartans as its first two episodes promised its earned punishment.