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    Nagisa/Cure Black's seiyuu Yoko Honna was once the little girl who saved twice by Kotaro Minami in KR Black and KR Black RX.

    Just a funny thought: Nagisa's mentor is Kotaro Minami. That's the reason why she is badass as Cure Black. Ano kaya ang mangyayari kung nag-teamup sina "Kuya Robert" at "Natalie"?

    Or... what if Nagisa/Cure Black also inherits Black RX's powers? She wields a sword, gun (from her armor form) and a Biorider-like ability? A photosynthetic Cure Black. Cool, eh? :p Then Mepple can turn into her own motorcycle named "Battle Meppler".

    "The Light of the Sun that destroys the darkness! Pretty Cure Black, Sunheart!"
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