Thor: Love And Thunder Releases First Teaser

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Peter Paltridge

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Compared to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it took the Thor series a lot longer to find its groove. The first flick was just okay, and the second was a stinker. Ordinarily that means no third movie, but the sheer inertia of being a Marvel product drove Thor Ragnarok into being, which finally set a tone for the series that felt natural: lots of action, lots of humor, and a classic metal soundtrack. We expect the next Thor, Love And Thunder, to continue on the path Ragnarok established.
It’s believed this movie will be adapting a more recent story arc from the Thor comic book that saw Jane Foster taking up the helmet and hammer, and we have no reason to doubt those rumors because…the proof is right there. The teaser’s final shot is Natalie Portman wielding Mjolnir (which was destroyed in Thor 3, but I guess it got better). The difference between that story and this one is, the original Thor doesn’t seem to have lost his costume or powers.
Said story arc also involved a...

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Whale Mutant Kun

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I'm hoping that Thor will be the only character to continue into subsequent franchises from the first phase. In my opinion, Thor should be around until the end of the Secret Wars storyline. Chris Hemsworth deserves to be the living mentor figure for future Avengers, and I sincerely hope he stays with Thor for many years.


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Jane Foster becoming Thor is one of the worst comic arcs in Marvel that I had ever read. Now they are translating that crap into a movie. Good Luck! MCU is thriving but the Marvel comics had been unreadable the last few years.

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I'm ecstatic that the Guardians appear in this film. I hope the trailer enhances Thor's story. Never would I have guessed as a kid that frickin Thor would be the Marvel character with exciting movies. Natalie Portman looks fierce in that Thor outfit!I will be watching this in theaters in 3d. Chris Hemsworth is a tall glass on drink that keeps on giving.


Starlord is Bisexual in the comics, He looks distracted when Thor is looking at him. It might be implied on this movie he have a crush.


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Why do Marvel movies suddenly appear to be so cheap?!? I feel like the CGI is so bad that it looks more like a behind-the-scenes video than a movie. Honestly, I'm so sick of seeing how Stan Lee's life's work has been disrespected and changed for political correctness. I'm never going to watch this, or any other brain-dead superhero movie, again in my life. I've chosen to grow up and give up after falling asleep in a bore-fest of a movie genre. This movie is going to suck!


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I hope Thor lives for many more years. He was one of the MCU's big three heroes. One of the three is dead, and the other is retired and has returned to his time. Thus I believe Thor should stay. I'm concerned that Jane will take his position. If Thor is replaced with a woman, I'm done with Marvel. I can't take it when female ones in Hollywood movies replace male characters. That's something you don't do the other way around.
It's no longer equality; it's more like "sexism" because it only affects one gender.


I can feel the toxic masculinity of some comments here. They are obviously subscribed to those "Friday Night Whites" Youtube channel like The Quartering,Yellow Flash and Clownfish TV. To be honest, I got chills. It looks magnificent, and, based on the tone, it appears to be moving Thor's storyline forward. I'm not sure why some of the individuals here are so negative. The film is going to be a masterpiece!


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This magnificent theme music gives me a sense of Taika Waititi's spirit. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie in the theater. I'm so excited that the Guardians are in it. I hope the trailer compliments Thor's plot because it gives out the most positive vibes. Taika Waititi Never fails! Trust the Process!


I liked the Marvel Movies a lot because they seem to bring my childhood memories back and back then I used to watch cartoon movies a lot and loved that time and every time I see something related to it I absolutely adore it.