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The crew is back on the mic and we’ve a lot of geekness to catch up with!  But mainly… we’re here for THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER.
What We’ve Been Geeking On:

Chainsaw Man
Marvel Legends
Everything Everywhere All At Once
Stranger Things
Three Body Problem / My Three Body
Terry Gilliam
Jurassic World Dominion
For All Mankind
One Piece
And much more!


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Michelle Yeoh better win that Oscar. She played multiple characters in one movie! I have one criticism of "Love and Thunder": I thought Gorr was WAY underused. It seems like he accomplished much more than we saw, such as destroying the other deities he mentioned. Gorr spent most of the film skulking around and generating those shadow creatures so our heroes would have something to fight.

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Top Gun Maverick is well done that people who never watched the original can still enjoy it. We almost not got this movie because of the Pandemic. I was hesitant to watch Love and Thunder at first because I hate gender swapped heroes but I end up liking Mighty Thor.

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I enjoyed Thor: Love and Thunder, but there was something odd about it. I want to remark that the timing or pacing sometimes felt a little off, as if you didn't have enough time to digest what was happening or the tone wasn't appropriate for what you had just seen. After then, the movie suddenly takes a different turn. There was a distinct feeling that specific sequences had been modified or substituted, or perhaps the original plan had been altered. Additionally, several revelations that should have had a significant impact on the rest of the MCU Universe—or at least the way the tale was told—just kind of fell flat and seemed hollow.


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The actor who played Eddie in Stranger things might be the next big star because he just signed to one of Hollywood's biggest agencies. Chainsaw man will be the next big anime, the manga is just crazy in a good way.


If Chris Hemsworth decided to retire from playing Thor, He can pass the mantle to his Brother Liam. Liam had his family resemblance and with the right hair and make up people will not notice.

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