Chris Hemsworth retiring from playing Thor Soon?

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Madeline Everleigh

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Chris Hemsworth is one of today’s biggest movie stars. He plays the God of Thunder in the Thor films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A sequel to his film The Extraction had been in development. He recently played his first villain role in the Netflix thriller Spiderhead, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. This man is extremely busy, as he has four upcoming films in addition to other projects. To The WWE fans, he will be playing Hulk Hogan on his upcoming biopic.
Recently he did the documentary reality show series Limitless. On that show change his lifestyle so he can have a longer lifespan. He wanted to explore the possibility of living forever or at least...

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Ethan Kirchner

Dogma of the Dragons
If at all possible, Chris Hemsworth should finish his role as Thor in Secret Wars. He deserves his Tony Stark
moment because he has worked so hard. He'll be free to leave after that. It's difficult to envision the Avengers without Thor. Doctors can now predict what will happen in the future, which they could not do just a few years ago due to technological advancements. His doctor did state that the likelihood is extremely high, but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. As a result, I can say that I understand the disease and that Chris is completely correct in quitting his job and devoting his time to his family because otherwise, he will become a burden on them. It was an additional 30 years of suffering because when Alzheimer's occurs at a young age, even though the person forgets everything, the body is still very healthy but the brain dies. God bless him and his family. I've seen it in my own family and with family friends, so I understand.


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Although I despise Alzheimer's, I am more afraid of it. Despite the fact that I am grateful that my grandma
was spared from contracting the disease, it saddens me that so many of my other relatives, including my paternal grand aunt, succumbed to its effects and died. Its potential to infect both my children and their
offspring worries me. That is something that concerns me greatly. I have faith that Chris will find a cure that will stop it in its early stages and keep him from getting it.


Money Heister
I've seen people close to me die as a result of this terrible illness. It's unfortunate that he carries a gene that increases the likelihood that the condition will manifest early. It is hoped that the fact that he has lived a good and healthy lifestyle his entire life will be enough to keep him from developing Alzheimer's disease.
Throughout the interview, he appears to be extremely nervous. Chris, have a safe journey. Although he does not currently have it, he carries the gene, which increases the likelihood that he will as he ages. I have no doubt that he will be able to avoid developing the condition despite carrying the gene for it because he lives such a healthy lifestyle.


So he doesn't have Alzheimer's? Is it just that he has a better chance of getting it? If what you say is true, it appears strange that this subject is receiving so much media attention. In other words, there's a chance he'll never get it, or that he'll get it when he's 85. As a result, many people are currently in discomfort. He can stop it because he has the resources and financial means to do so. I suspect he will take on fewer projects in the future in order to spend more time with his family.


He is a truly admirable person. I admire him for being himself. I sincerely hope everything works out for the best. Chris, we're here for you. Despite the fact that he is a very healthy person, which is why he was included in this documentary, all they managed to do was scare and worry him. I wish him luck and have no doubt that he will be fine. It is in everyone's best interest to make healthy decisions for themselves, and I sincerely hope that everyone reading and watching will constantly work to get better and stronger; you are very strong as long as you believe it!

Blaire Courttney

Future Squid Game winner
Chris is someone I care deeply about, but even though I love him, I believe slowing down would be beneficial to him as long as it did not increase his stress. Nobody believes he will ever succeed. My greatest hope is that he will not focus too much on the situation, even though I am confident that he will make some beneficial changes. because stress is bad for both the body and the mind Take each day as it comes, Chris, and never stop being the wonderful person you are. I will give him my thoughts and prayers.


As soon as I read this headline, I was reminded of Angelina Jolie's decision to have her breasts removed and replaced with implants to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Jolie was aware that she possessed the gene that makes her more susceptible to breast cancer. Hemsworth deserves a break, and regardless of how you feel about him, he is a nice guy and well loved by his family, friends and colleagues.


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He might be playing the role of the Nordic God of Thunder in movies but at the end of the day, he is still human. He is just a man and not a God.


I wear a scary mask
Even though they say he could get it, that doesn't mean he will. He needs to have faith and believe, no matter what the doctors and other people say. God's word is the last word on everything. There are a lot of people with this gene who are doing fine. It's just a matter of chance, people, and it doesn't mean he can't fight it. Alzheimer's is often called "Type 3 Diabetes" because it is caused by too much sugar in the diet, just like Type 2 Diabetes. Chris has a lot of time to eat well and live a long, healthy life. He already takes care of himself, so he just needs to keep it up.


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He seems to be in good enough health right now that he has the best chance of not getting Alzheimer's. With all of his money and resources, I'm sure he can afford to take precautions.


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His parents both have the gene and are healthy. Chris is not sick, but he is more likely to get the condition. He may never get it, though. They are making Alzheimer's a big deal to make money. Chris didn't find out about it on the televised "results reveal" moment, as they tried to make it seem. I wonder how much of the money he makes from Limitless has been promised to go toward care and prevention of dementia and Alzheimer's? None of it? Wild. Almost like this gets him a lot of good press after he wanted to leave Thor after Love and Thunder made the character lose popularity. I hope he doesn't get Alzheimer's because I have family members who have or have had it and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but this was done for press. If ANY of us had the same tests done, we would all find things that we are genetically predisposed to. Just live your life and try to be as healthy as possible. They don't give these tests out because it is bad for people's mental health. Imagine living your whole life thinking that you are going to get a disease that will kill you. This is a way to get attention. He doesn't have Alzheimer's disease. This is so stupid. We could all die, you stupid people.


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He have all the money in the world to make that gene useless because he can afford to prevent the gene from dominating his body. He can afford healthy lifestyle.

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