Dr Kain

So I've spent some time with my new Link and I really like him. The size does make it a little hard to switch out his hands though, especially since the peg joint is like the Figuarts rather than the one Link and Samus have. It also doesn't help that the left hands prefer to take the peg out with them instead of them leaving the peg. That is kind of annoying. I know he didn't have it in the game, but I do wish he came with a sheath so I could still have his sword with him when I'm using the other accessories.

Speaking of the accessories, I love most of them. The hookshot is my favorite and bad ass. The bomb, jar, rupee, and little findus thingy is cool, but I'm not as thrilled with the tornado rod as I thought I would be. The spin effect is just a piece of laminated paper and it is hard to take the top off the rod to put it on. And then the handle also likes to constantly detach, especially when it is in Link's hand. His hand also can't go far enough above his head with it, so it looks like Link is about to chop his head off with it. Oh, and Ravio's bracelet gets annoying because it has a tendency to spin around his arm. I'm kind of tempted to just take it off.

The paint job is absolutely superb and I don't see a single stroke outside of the lines or anything. This is easily one of the best painted figures I have ever seen.

Overall, I can't wait to add the Twilight Princess duo to my Zeldaverse and I'm kind of tempted to get that Nendroid WW Link, but it would be nice if they would give us a version of Ganon to fight these Links.