The Best Train in Tokusatsu


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Your recent posts are really annoying and most of us couldn't understand what you're trying to say with all of this stupid sentence and then push the enter and then type the sentence. It is really annoying.

Do that again and I will start to report you.
Travelion is definitely the best train in tokusatsu. It's big and strong, and not to mention, magical. It can also travel through dimensions at a very fast pace. I don't think Kyoretsuoh can pull off those stupid karate chops on Travelion. Yes, Kyoretsuoh seems to be good in karate but when matched against Travelion, the former may just break its "iron fist hands". Maybe the 2nd best train is the Den Liner.
Man, it's actually kind of neat to think how many trains they'd been through before they finally went and made a Sentai of it. Even Ninninger kept one for the road.

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