Teen Shows on Netflix which got renewed and which got canceled

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Netflix teen shows seemed to to have a short shelf life.  Call them lucky if they got a Season 2.
The Babysitters Club received positive feedback. According to the show’s producers, it has good ratings. Despite being cancelled after two seasons, it had higher ratings than some programs on other platforms. One of the cast members Xochitl Gomez got her big break with MCU and play America Chavez and Netflix could have taken advantage of that.
The soundtrack to Julie and the Phantoms sold successfully on Amazon and reached the charts. Netflix still canceled it because of the pandemic.
I am not Okay with this is from the Producers of Stranger Things and it has rave reviews. It still got canceled because its budget gave it higher expectations.  Chilling Adventures of Sabrina also suffered the same fate...

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Foreign Netflix shows have lower chance of cancellation because they cheaper. Also US laws also have strict rules when it comes to using real teenagers. Thats why most Hollywood movies have adults play teens. Baby Sitters Club uses actual teens who go to school so it is taping schedule hell.


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The imperfects got cancelled? I am sad because I love that show I thought its safe because the Inaki will be in One Piece.


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This is the reason why I mostly watch Korean dramas, Most of them are short and wheter it got renewed or not, it doesn't get a cliff hanger ending. Lose ends are satisfied.


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Warrior Nun deserves a Season 3, So I will binge it tomorrow and replay it on a tab while going other stuff online.So the key to save a show from cancellation is make sure it is in top 10 for more than 3 weeks at least.


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The Bastard son and the Devil Himself might get renewed, Teen dramas with gay male romance seem to succeed more. Lesbian content does poorly with Netflix though. Lesbians seems to be cancel magnets with netflix because the only lesbian content Netflix have that didn't get canceled is Orange is the New Black,


I prefer the shows from foreign countries as this way I can get to know about their lifestyle and how they behave, spend time and that's why I am more into these shows and if they are based on history then its even better.


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If you see netflix laws for showing films differs from one country to another @Jaspreet and also some films are only available for few number of countries while you cannot access.


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If you want to save a show, Before Netflix tries to cancel it try to promote it you all the people you know.

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