The Recruit: Netflix’s attempt to make Noah Centineo graduate from teen romcoms

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Ian Burton

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The Recruit is coming to Netflix this  December 16, 2022.  This Spy adventure series could be the game changer to Noah Centineo’s acting career.
Noah Centineo is Netflix’s go to Actor if they have a romcom movie.  Whenever they need  a leading man for a teen romance movie, he will always be the top of their list.  From the  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy to the The Perfect Date,he always gets the lead male roles.
Centineo’s frequent film appearances make him a valuable promotional asset for Netflix. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen complications, he was unable to play the role of He-man. This would have his first theatrical movie role and first superhero role. He finally get his first Theatrical release Superhero movie with Black Adam, where he plays the...

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I'm excited about this. I feel like we haven't seen a really good Netflix trailer in a long time. It will be interesting to see Noah in an action movie instead of a movie about teens. Casting in Hollywood is so warped that I just looked at a 26 year old playing a 24 year old and thought "isn't he too young to play this role"Honestly excited to see Noah in this role, only ever seen him play teens before this but from the trailer it looks like he does a pretty good job here too.


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The way this trailer is made makes me want to watch the show. It all fits together so well, and because Noah is so young and doesn't do all the big things that usually happen in action movies, it's almost easy to understand. Not to mention that the trailer gives just enough away for me to have an idea of what I’ll be walking into but not enough for it to be the movie itself. The music and editing are also done very well. Keep it up Netflix and you just might not lose me as a customer if you make it worth it.


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Yo, Gross, Noah Scented Mayo trying to be an action hero. I really cannot stand this annoying lad. He is one of the actors I cannot stand. What do you girls see in him? He is an eyesore!


After seeing Noah Centineo in Black Adam I am 100% giving anything he does a shot. Every time he was on screen, that guy was just so charming. He's going to do great things in his life. I know many of you guys are hating on him because he is known for girly movies but guys please give him a chance.Such an incredible role for Noah's career. The best thing an actor can do is play different kinds of roles in different kinds of movies.


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First of all, happy to see Centineo in roles past high school. Finally Noah getting a serious role that is actually taken seriously. I mean, it was about time! Guys, let's take things seriously. Such an incredible role for Noah's career. The best thing an actor can do is play different kinds of roles in different kinds of movies. I'm so glad he finally doesn't have to play some high school girl's boyfriend.

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