So I got Invited to a Pajama Party Today.....

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.......On the condition that I get drunk according to my friend.:redface2:

I mean, I go to parties to have fun, not to drink. I'm more of a social drinker: I'll drink a little bit of somethin' like Arbor Mist, but I don't get flat out drunk.:170:

I don't even think I should go if she wants me to get drunk. It sounds like fun (girls in pajamas:169:) but I don't want to go against my principals.

My uncle, who has two kids, is a regular drinker. My aunt has told me stories of how he would come home drunk, and that's pretty much what turned me off of drinking.

So what would you guys do?:disappoin


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If she's saying you MUST get drunk to attend, don't go.

I fucking HATE that. I don't drink at all because I can't stand the taste of alcohol, and people are forever trying to get me to drink.

I don't NEED a fucking drink to have fun, jackholes. :nono:
Well if you get drunk you won't remember what happened, And you'll have a hangover, Not to mention the effects that could have on your kidneys, Its not worth it,

Vash the Stampede

I wanna fly high....
Of course. That's why I stopped going to parties for awhile.

The last party I went to was at the local Planet Hollywood. It left a bad taste in my mouth because most of the folks down there were drunk and it was hard to get a dance.:redface2:


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I say if you want to go, then go, just be sure to keep an eye on your drinks. Always stay in control of your own drink and always make sure that you only drink what you pick yourself (i.e. don't drink stuff other people give you). Hopefully, she's not really serious about you "having" to get drunk, so hopefully you don't really have anything to worry about (unless she's a real heavy drinker, in which case you'll need to be careful).

If your friend tries to get you to drink more than you want to, just leave. If she gets all pissy about it, then tell her flat out to her face that if she REALLY was your friend, she wouldn't be trying to force you do do something that you don't want to do. REAL friends don't do that to each other. If she's gonna be like that, she's not worthy of being your friend. Let her hang with her drunk friends. You can always laugh and make fun of her drunken antics later.


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Yeah I'm much the same way. If anything, I may take a sip or two, but not get flatass drunk. Like I really want to wake up tomorrow morning with a headache.

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She even told me, "I promise, you won't get plastered. I've had the kind of drink they're gonna have, it's not that bad."

Yeah, like you know what a person's limit is. How do you know I won't puke on the first cup?


Well if you do go, make sure to think of EVERY consequence, including the possible outcomes of the whole party if you do get "totally wasted" . >.>
No you don't, Just ignore it, Besides that if you get completly drunk and go to a pajama party, Theres a chance things can happen adding the risk of STDs, Its not worth it


No you don't, Just ignore it, Besides that if you get completly drunk and go to a pajama party, Theres a chance things can happen adding the risk of STDs, Its not worth it
STD's aren't as common as you think :redface2: depends on really what you do and how you do it. But for the safe ones, theres always


**** yeah I'd go. :buttrock:

I'd fake the drunk part though. Everyone will be drunk, so they won't notice.
I don't drink alcohol at all [I do miss my Sake tho as I'm a epileptic and if I drank it, it would affect my medication!] but you should stick to your principles and tell your friend that you'll only go if she'll promise that you don't have to drink alcohol at all or only have to have one or two alcoholic drinks...

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