Fatal Attraction, He thought he have a weekend affair, He got mistress from hell instead

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<p>In 1987, Fatal Attraction, one of the most immortal stories about affairs, became a hit movie, winning Golden Globe nominations and People’s choice award victory. The movie made $320.1 million at the box office, a significant amount for that time. People remember it for the iconic performances of Glenn Close, Michael Douglas, Anne Archer, and Ellen Hamilton Latzen. In 2023, three new faces will play the roles of Alex, Dan, Beth, and Ellen. This instance is not the first time Fatal Attraction got remake; a stage play adaptation happened in 2014. Now, Fatal Attraction goes back for a new generation, this time as an erotic psychological thriller mini-series.</p>
Do we really need another remake? The Original is already timeless on its own, why turn it into a tv show. I know this is cliche but Hollywood is running out of ideas.


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Like, oh my gosh, you guys! I totally can't blame this Alex girl for being the husband stealing fierce slayer that she is. Married men are just so, like, sexy and experienced, you know? And there's this whole rush of trying to be better than their wives, which is like, such a turn-on. Honestly, my future aspirations totally include stealing someone's man. Like, who even cares about marriages and boundaries? It's just a stupid piece of paper, right? And like, the thought of destroying a family is like, totally thrilling. I mean, who cares about the kids? Their daddy will be my daddy now. Like, seriously, it's just too exciting to resist!

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Ugh! the original movie was an absolute masterpiece, with an absolutely stunning performance by Glenn Close! She was just amazing as Alex Forrest, and there can only ever be one Alex Forrest, and that's her! Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would even think about making a remake of this movie. I mean, the original was just so great, it's hard to imagine anyone doing it better. It's like, why mess with perfection, you know? In my opinion, some movies are just meant to be left alone, and this is definitely one of them. I'll always cherish the original and Glenn Close's unforgettable performance in it.

@Redlips, If someone like you go near my husband, I am going to get her bald with my bare hands and she will lose a lot of teeth.


K- Kindly pardon me, but I can't help but express my eagerness to witness a fresh portrayal of the character in Fatal Attraction, despite my admiration for Glenn Close's rendition. It's quite fascinating to observe how Lizzy Caplan would approach the role.

However, I must confess my concerns about the upcoming adaptation glorifying or romanticizing infidelity. Indulging in cheating is never justifiable, and it's crucial to convey this message in any narrative that involves such an act.


Whoa! Lizzy Caplan! She is Janice from Mean Girls! I mostly known her for playing tomboys and quirky girl, Cool to see her as a seductress now.


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I'm curious to see how the new adaptation will differ from the original. Will they change the ending? Will the characters have different motivations? It'll be interesting to see how they make the story their own.I think the new adaptation of Fatal Attraction could be an opportunity to explore the psychology behind infidelity and obsession. It could provide a deeper understanding of why people cheat and what drives someone to become so obsessed with another person.


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Whoa! Lizzy Caplan! She is Janice from Mean Girls! I mostly known her for playing tomboys and quirky girl, Cool to see her as a seductress now.
I'm excited to see Lizzy Caplan take on the role of Alex Forrest. She's a talented actress, and I think she'll bring a fresh perspective to the character.

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The original Fatal Attraction movie was criticized for its portrayal of mental illness, specifically borderline personality disorder. I hope the new adaptation takes a more sensitive approach to this issue and doesn't demonize those with mental health conditions.


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Given that the original Fatal Attraction movie is now 36 years old, there's a whole new generation of potential viewers who may not have even heard of it, let alone seen it. Personally, I don't have an issue with remakes as long as they're executed well. With the new adaptation of Fatal Attraction, I'm curious to see how the story will be updated for a modern audience. Will the series address issues like consent and power dynamics that weren't as prominent in the original? It will also be interesting to see how the new adaptation is received in today's society, and whether it will have the same impact as the original or feel outdated.


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I'm not sure how I feel about the trend of turning movies into TV shows. While it can be a way to explore stories and characters in more depth, it can also feel like a cash grab and dilute the impact of the original.


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Glenn Close is so Iconic they are giving her previous roles to younger actresses. First Cruella and now Alex.

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