Signature Review Thread [Remember 500x165 MAX size]

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Sig rules.

If you still aren't sure whether or not your signature is within limits, post here and one of the staff members will inform you that it's fine or that you need to edit it.


Im not straight but my boyfriend is
Hey guys, I'd like to do a rotating sig, like JFC.

Is there a specific wise that it has to be under? I didn't see anything like that when looking through JFC's announcment....he mentions that animated GIFs be kept to I was just wondering if its that way for rotating sigs too, or if I could just have three different 500x165 banners?

Let me know.


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ShadowRider, Rider Strike, Vash, RX, all of you are good.

Faded, if you want to do a rotating sig like mine, just make sure that all of the banners fit within the guideline specs. To get them to rotate you actually use an outside source/website that generates the code to get them to rotate and just post the link. is a really easy one to use. You just UL your pics onto it and it provides you with the link to put in your sig.
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Im not straight but my boyfriend is
Your sig is hot Merc. But it requires more bra.

*SIGH* I'm so fickle...I did a total 180 and went from a Harry Potter themed avatar/sig, to a 300 themed avatar/sig in one day.


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