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Keith Justice

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A feature I want to get up at this lil' Cyber Town I'm building is the "Show Us Your Henshin."

Some sites have Cosplayers (which we'll have in time as well), but this one I want to be unique. There's nothing more fun than watching fans enjoy their hobbies, sooooooo.... take a picture... take a picture of a friend, take pictures with friends and get them to bust a Henshin Pose, preferable with a morpher or changer on.

Slap it up in this thread and eventually, once I'm able to get up the gallerys I want, we'll get this posted up.

I'll start. ;)


Post yours up, search the web and tell your friends to come here and put their Henshin where their Post is.

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Keith Justice

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Anyone else got a Henshin they wanna show?

Where's that one guy... I forget his name. I've seen him on the TFW2005 boards and at JA. He owns a 555 Helmut.

Basri RX

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I don't have a pic of myself henshin-ing. :tongue: But I must say, super cool henshin pics up there.


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I have Delta Morpher. I don't want to post a picture of me.

BTW, JC... nice to see Doggie Kruger. lol

Black Ranger RX

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Keith looks cool!!

oh, and I don't yet have a Morpher or a Henshin device!! I'd love to have one though, plus I'm too shy to show a picture of meself!!

Keith Justice

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Yeah, I remember! You had the Silver Guardian gear and everything.

I was going to dress as that for Halloween, but couldn't find a jump suit. :p

Glad you guys like what pics we got so far. Somebody find Shifty and tell his ass to come here and post up his 555 Helmut. :p

Delta Red

Forever Knight said:
Yeah, Keith looks like a mix of T.J. and Joel. That's badass.

There's a reason I ask Keith if he'd like to be EGV's image of Joel. He's even got the actor's first name!


anyone can 'henshin' early Kuuga's style when every part of his body changed as he hits the opponent? ^0^...kiddin'
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